10 Effective Techniques to Get High Grades in Exams

Taking Exam
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“Examinations require 95% effort and 5% luck.”

Exams, one of those words that a modern student like you don’t want to hear either because you find their tests very difficult or you are just too lazy to review for it. No matter what the reason is, examination days will come and you will have no choice but to take it, and hope for the best.

However, exams shouldn’t really be a pain in the neck, especially since more often than not, you have ample amount of time to prepare for it and its contents are often discussed by your professors. The problem here is that most students are often seen procrastinating or prioritizing other things weeks before the exams, then would just decide to give reviewing a strong push days or hours before the actual test. As a student, you are required to give more time on your studies in order to survive your most feared of hated set of examinations.

We understand that with the growing number of distractions today, putting a student’s focus on the exam alone would be quite difficult. So we have decided to help, with these ten techniques that will help you do better and achieve higher grades in your exams.

Technique #1: Manage Your Time

Yes, we know that you have to attend those after class gimmicks with your friends, or you have to update your account in Clash of Clans every now and then. However, you have to remember that you are still a student and you need to give your studies a significant part of your time. It would be great if you buy yourself a planner and create a daily schedule. That way, you’ll know when to spend time on leisure and when to sit down and study. This is a difficult task, especially if you’re a first-timer, but then again, no one becomes successful by taking the easy path. Avoiding less important tasks, especially when the examination days are near would also be of great help.

Technique #2: Make Reminders

You probably have reminders about who among your friends will celebrate his or her birthday next, so why not make reminders for your studies? There are a lot of ways to help yourself not forget the important dates. Put sticky notes on your drawers, notebooks, or even your laptop. Your phones have that feature too, so put that to good use. If you will be able to keep track of the things that you tend to forget (STUDIES), then you won’t have to panic come examination time.

Technique #3: Photocopy Those Hand Outs

Most students hate going out of the school just to photocopy the handouts given by their teachers. Don’t be one of them. These stapled pieces of paper were given to you for a purpose. It will help you review not only on your significant term exams, but also on your quizzes and recitations. Well if you think you’re so good at memorizing your lessons, then good for you. If not, stop the laziness, go out there, at magpa-xerox ka na! You’re the one who’s going to benefit from this, and maybe your classmates too.

Technique #4: Spend Time in The Library

Students, for some reason, don’t like libraries. This is because the traditional books are already no match for the information people get from the internet. However, there is a reason why libraries continue to exist in schools despite the constant technological developments. It is a place for you to study your lessons. Sure you can find the information you need faster when you go online, but to find a quiet place for your studies, that’s rare these days, and libraries can give that to you. Besides, what’s wrong with reading the old-fashioned books? They’re still more educational than Facebook.

Technique #5: Make Studying a Fun Activity with Your Friends

Since you can’t get enough of the kulitan with your friends, why not take your bonding moments to the next level and study together for a change? It’s a win-win situation for you, dear student, because not only would you be able to spend time with your friends, you’d also be able to help them study and perform better in class. After all, friendships are supposed to be that way. You should be one of the reasons to lift them up, not drag them down. We all know that when friends are together, studies are often the least priority. Don’t join the trend, change it.

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