10 Effective Techniques to Get High Grades in Exams

Technique #6: Use Your Gadget as an Educational Tool

Most of today’s students own at least one of these; laptop, smartphone, tablets, iPods; but most of these gadgets are being used for entertainment and leisure purposes. You see, these gadgets are more than just for selfies, music, and social media interaction. You can use them as a tool to help you with your studies, especially when exam week is just around the corner. Use your phone and take a picture of what your professors wrote on the board; formulas, key terms, etc. Use your laptop and tablet to research more about your lessons in case you didn’t understand your teacher’s explanation. Using these gadgets, you can be a very productive student.

Technique #7: Listen Attentively to Your Professors

We’re pretty sure that most of you, dear students, hate at least one of your professors, and your perception towards him or her affects your performance in class. While you might think that it is reasonable to just avoid listening to them because you don’t like them, it’s not. There’s this old saying that says, “If you can’t love the professor, love the subject.” True enough. Maximize your time inside the classroom by learning as many things as possible, even from the teachers that you don’t like. Besides, this could be a training ground for you, because you probably won’t like your boss in the future. Kidding aside, teachers are there for a reason. Listen to them.

Technique #8: Go to Class Everyday

They say that if you haven’t experienced cutting classes, your life as a student would be incomplete. That could be true, unless you make it a hobby. If you really want to pass not just your exams, but your subjects in general, attend classes regularly. Most of your lessons are discussed inside the classroom and being absent wouldn’t help you in the future. In addition, the world famous ‘pointers to review’ are also being given during class hours, so you better not miss that, or else you wouldn’t know where to start studying. Besides, your parents are paying for your tuition so you could go to class. Be honest.

Technique #9: Always Check Your Notes on a Daily Basis

Let’s say that you’re a student who continues to struggle during exams despite the efforts to study. Maybe you’re still doing something wrong. It’s probably because you’re only studying when you know that there’s an upcoming exam or quiz. Why not change your routine and instead, check your notes every day? Before going to sleep, before going to school, during your free periods, whenever you think is the best time for you to scan your notes, do it. It helps because by doing this daily, you become more familiar with your lessons, you’ll feel less pressured when the exams are near, and you’ll be able to be comfortable during the exams, knowing that you have a better chance of passing it with flying colors.

Technique #10: Be Responsible

If you think that you’re ready just because you’ve read a couple of techniques, you’re wrong. In order for you to survive your exams and studies in general, you have to be responsible. Being responsible is more than just studying, reviewing, and following all these tips. Being responsible requires you, dear student, to do all these things on a constant basis, not just during the exams. Being responsible means knowing and fulfilling your role as a student. Being responsible is thinking about a bright future, and doing all the things necessary to achieve it.


Attaining high grades in exams is one goal that every student should have, but your dreams shouldn’t end there. Life is a journey filled with tests more difficult than exams printed on some pieces of paper. These tests would not only challenge our intellect, but also our desire to be successful. As a student, you have to be ready, not just for the tests inside the school, but also for the challenges that life will bring.