The 10 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines

The Philippines is known to have the extremes of almost everything. We laugh too loud or scream too loud and find the strangest places in our own land. Filipinos are not just known to be the happiest place around but also it is considered to have the most supernatural beings ever recorded in Asia. We have white ladies or ghosts who are usually ghost of those girls who passed away brutally and demands justice by haunting other people. We also have “Aswang” or witches who prey on strays and tourists, “Sigbins” who feeds on blood and souls to steal. You can always be fascinated by “Dwende” or goblins or white and black dwarfs, these small creatures may bring good or bad fortune to humans, they live on old houses, trees or commonly in a termite-like mound or hill which we call “nuno sa punso”. We still have an endless count of supernatural beings depending on the beliefs of every town. Out of all those scary things, here is a top ten list that would surely raise goosebumps all over you.

10. Santander (South Cebu)

Santander Cebu
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The house of the late Onesimo Buscato is proved to be the most haunted place in Cebu City. This house was seen to have flying plates all around the room and has recorded strange screaming voices by some psychic who dared to discover the ghost that haunts the said house.

9. Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila

Fort Santiago
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This place is also one of the main attractions of tourism in the Philippines. This place was built as a defensive fortress for the Spanish Conquistador; Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. It was also built as a military defense structure for Filipinos for centuries. Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before facing the firing squad. During the World War II, this place was said to be a place of torture for civilians and soldiers, this is what caused the many scary stories about the place. People who visited the place at nightfall said that they heard voices, screaming, agonizing ones that were actually the voices of those who were tortured, whose souls never found rest and are still haunting the walls of Fort Santiago.

8. San Jose Buenavista

San Jose Buenavista
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Ghost Pirates. You might think that ghost pirates only exist with Davy Jones, but then again, we also have our version of ghost pirates. This capital town of the province of Antique on Panay Island was said to have ghost pirates lurking around. These pirates were said to be still guarding their treasures and surely scares the people away from certain places.

It is not only ghost pirates that should be feared on this grounds, during the Spanish regime when they came to Antique in 1581, the Augustinian Friars invaded the land and introduced them to the Roman Catholic faith and built churches in Asluman, Maybato, Naganya, and Bugason. And by building those churches they also built burial grounds, which are said to be haunted. The church of the Hamtic inside the cemetery is proven to be on the top list of the scariest.

7. Clark Air Base

Clark Air Base
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Party People. This is what defined the ghosts of Clark Airbase Home Plate Canteen. The party people ghosts were actually of those who died when the Japanese bombed the area on the Christmas Eve of 1941. All the people inside who were celebrating Christmas were killed that day. Hence, the lively – most often heard swing music when passersby dared to take a look. Aside from the party ghosts, it is also haunted with suicidal ones who never got over their depressions. The Clark Airbase museum is haunted by a serviceman who hanged himself in the place, thus, making servicemen employments on the area a little bit rare even with the lack of jobs in the Philippines. Another suicide has been haunting the modern airport is the apparition of the ghost of an aviator who killed himself than be captured by the Japanese. The said ghost is said to be haunting the place and could be seen floating over the airport or simply looking scary in other corners of the place.

6. U.P Los Banos

UP Los Baños
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Basically, all schools who survived the war are certified haunted. Not only because of it’s aging buildings but because most of it became a place for hiding or torture during the World War II. Up Los Banos have all that and some additional scary perks that might take you away. The place itself is set on the foot of Mount Makiling were the mountain itself is said to be a residence of a fairy who fell in love with a mortal. There are also tales of nymphs, goddesses and enchanted persons all around the area who were believed that guards the mountains, the trees and its natural habitat and that disturbing such beautiful scenery would surely result in an unexplainable disaster. Another scary thing about the place is the tales of the never-ending bridge, wherein a person who takes the bridge at nightfall continues to walk and never found the end of the bridge until the light of the morning comes.

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