The 10 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines

5. The Manila Film Center

Manila Film Center
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This place is a place of tragedy. It was the morning (3:00am) of November 17, 1981, when the Manila film center was just being built and the ceiling scaffolding collapsed and placed 169 workmen in danger. The head of the project was the first lady Imelda Marcos, who after the tragedy made necessary arrangements to not prolong the making of the said establishment. It was said that the bodies of the 169 workmen was buried under the cement of the said building and was never recovered. Some says that there are those who were buried alive in the place making it haunted. The stories behind the ghost apparitions in the place was made known when in 2005 GMA Network’s i-witness traced the records of the workmen in the place and were dug up to give them a proper burial. This gesture had made an impact in the place and is now declared as a ghost-free area by the experts.

4. The Ozone Disco

Ozone Disco
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This disco got some big issues in moving on—not in life but to the next life. This place is also a place of tragedy. The Ozone Disco was one of the hottest clubs in the year 1996 and when I say hottest I mean literally hottest, this disco was burned to ashes on March 18,1996. The fire that started in the disco booth has set the whole place in flames in a matter of minutes giving little time for the partygoers to get out of the place. It was said to have around 350 persons inside plus 40 crews. The bodies were found along the exit, probably trying to find a way out only to find out that it has been locked from the outside. The place was supposed to accommodate only 35 persons but has exceeded its maximum allowable person and also blocked the place of exit by another building. The questers visited the place and talked to a few spirits around and discovered that some of them did really have issues on letting go- No, not the spirits but the families of those who passed away. Antonio Perez (founder and leader of Spirit Questors) said, “Unless the living lets go, the spirits will stay and never find rest”

3. Baguio City

Teachers Camp
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The city of Pines or the most haunted city in the Philippines. There are lots of ghost stories about the place especially in the numerous old cemeteries and buildings that were still in there. The PMA or Philippine Military Academy was said to be a place were priests and nuns were beheaded and now can’t find their peace. A famous camping site which is the teachers camp was said to have ghosts walking around the place, ghosts of the soldiers who died in there and now scares the people who stay in the camp.

2. San Juan, La Union

San Juan La Union
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San Juan, La Union is full of strange scary stories that would surely leave you awake at night. One of the highlights of scares in this place is the word “Pasatsat” meaning “to stab”. These are ghosts of those who died in World War II, when the coffin and graveyards are far too expensive for people and they wrap their dead in icamen or reed mats. These ghosts will haunt you and would only stop when you stab open their makeshift coffins and cut it in half. Strange as it already is, you haven’t heard it all. San Jose La Union has also its version of Devil Man, actually a Devil Man who asks for cigars. It was a tale of a few men who were in the place talking and sniffing a few cigarettes when this wide-brimmed hat man came into them and asked for a light. When they did all they saw was extreme darkness instead of a face. But that is okay; giving him a light makes sure that you would not face your death. This devil man also requires native cigarettes only—tobacco and not those imported ones. If you ever face him, please do give him some of your light. Another strange story in the place is the ghost of a nun in the ruins of the covenant. The said nun was said to have been beheaded by a Spanish and still roams around the place. This ghost does have a personal touch. The people who were touched by her on the left shoulder was either found dead or driven mad.

1. Balete Drive

Balete Drive
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This place has one of the most epic, most read and most talked about haunted place in the Philippines not because its movie was made a blockbuster hit by Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla but because of the Paranormal experts who had proven the place as definitely haunted. But what is the real story behind the “Babae sa Balete Drive” (The Lady in Balete Drive)? There are actually two stories behind the white lady in the place. The old story was that this girl was raped by a Japanese soldier and left for dead in the streets where she was left at the side of the road. The heartbreaking part in there was that she was not found until many years later. Her hair strands was said to have been made as a nest by the birds in the nearby Balete tree that has her spirit all over it. The other modern story was that this girl was raped and left for dead by a taxi driver. This makes sense because most of the persons who said they saw the white lady were all drivers who passed by alone in their cars or just in a motorcycle. The lady in white does not have many features except for the long white, blood-stained gown and a disheveled hair. Just remember whenever you pass by this route. Do not look in the mirrors and never, ever, ever look back.

Those are quite a scare back there. See? Filipinos are not just good for laughs but also in making or let’s say keeping track of the histories and the stories of each haunted place in the Philippines. As you have read, all stories in there are filled with tragic moments wherein you might say that the ghosts and supernatural beings listed above do have their reasons for staying in the place or in letting other people stir clear of their territories. So much for just standing around looking scary. So, are you ready for some heart-pounding adventures? Visit one of those places and do tell your own version of ghost story someday.