10 Low-Cost but Profitable Food Business Ideas in the Philippines

The food scene in the Philippines is abundant. Whether you are in one of the cities or provinces, the smell of Filipino street food is always present. So, if you are wanting to have a good profit in the country, it is a great idea to enter the food business. You don’t always need to own a restaurant or own space in the mall; a place in your home or just on the curbside will definitely do.

Here are 10 low-cost but profitable food business ideas in the Philippines that you should consider:

1. Barbecue Stall

Barbecue business
Isaw (chicken intestines) and Betamax (chicken blood)

Filipino barbecue has a lot of varieties from your usual pork and chicken meat cuts to hotdogs, sausages, intestines (isaw), liver, and even blood. These barbecue stalls come out during merienda time until midnight and fill the streets with their smoky delicious aroma. Barbecue stalls are a sought-after merienda, dining, and pulutan option after school classes and office work.

You need to ace the recipe of your marinade, sauces, and vinegar dip because these would make the customers return to your stall regularly. All you need for this business aside from the ingredients is a good quality grill and you are all set. We also suggest using a flat-top and high-quality cooler to keep meat fresh and safe before it is grilled.

2. Siomai Kiosk

Siomai Business
Siomai with Calamansi, Soy Sauce, & Chili Garlic Oil

Siomai is a traditional Chinese dumpling that Filipinos love. It is usually made of chopped shrimp and ground beef or pork. Many varieties of this dumpling are coming out and still continue to grow. A siomai kiosk is a popular food business investment. Starting from Php 25,000, you can franchise a siomai kiosk. The price can be lower if you know how to make delicious siomai yourself and plan not to get a franchise.

3. Fish Ball Cart

Fish Balls Business
Fish Balls & Kikiam

It is a common sight to see food vendors selling fish balls on the streets here in the Philippines. Fish balls can be homemade or store-bought and served in flat or round balls. These are then fried in front of customers, skewered, and then dip into sweet or spicy sauces. You can add the also popular kikiam and squid balls to your menu.

Fish balls are usually sold at a cheap price of Php 0.50 per piece. Others sell them for Php 10 or Php 15 per stick. To start this business, you will only need a cart, gas, deep-pan, fish balls, and sauces.

4. Ice Cream Cart

Sorbetes in Buns

Ice cream that is sold on the streets by food vendors in the Philippines is commonly called sorbetes. It is usually made from coconut milk and comes in different flavors like cheese, ube, strawberry, and chocolate. The climate in the Philippines is almost hot throughout the year, so the ice cream business is a hit!

Sorbetes are sold in carts where the tubs are kept frozen with ice and salt. It is served in sugar or wafer cones and sometimes buns. A single-serve is very affordable at Php 10 or less.

5. Balut Business

Balut Business
Fresh Balut

Another popular street food sold by vendors across the country is balut. A Filipino delicacy that consists of a fertilized duck egg that has been incubated for approximately 18 days. It is eaten by cracking a small portion of the egg on top and then sipping the tasty soup inside. Then swallow all the contents including the duck embryo by adding salt or spiced vinegar.

Although this food is not for everyone, it still remains one of the most popular and profitable street foods in the Philippines that you can start at a low capital.

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