10 Most Stupid Laws Proposed by Filipino Politicians

During elections, we always vote for the politicians whom we feel can lead our country to much-needed progress, even in the simplest ways. When we vote for our leaders, we vote for our representatives. Whatever they do in as leaders will reflect the people they are governing. They do good things, we look good. They do bad things… you know the rest.

One of the main functions of our politicians is to create laws that will be beneficial to the Philippines. However, some of them seem to not know or understand in order for a law to benefit an entire nation, it must make a lot of sense, and we mean A LOT OF SENSE.

We know that you’ll all agree that we have stupid politicians in the Congress right now, but there are some who just went beyond the adjective by doing actions like proposing some of the most ridiculous laws that even an elementary student would find really stupid.

That being said, we have listed ten of the most stupid laws proposed by politicians from the Philippines. Laugh at them, be pissed, but at the end of the day, we’ll all ask the same question. Why were they voted in the first place?

10. The Balato Bill

balato bill
Image from juankabuhayan.wordpress.com

Proponent: Winnie Castelo, Representative from the 2nd District of Quezon City

In this Bill, grand lotto winners will be required to give 20% of their winnings to the government. Their donations will be given to education and housing projects.

Can you believe that? The government who’s been collecting millions, probably billions of tax funds from Filipinos, will also be asking lotto winners to donate a portion of their earnings? We understand that the government doesn’t have enough funds to support all the projects, but are we really that desperate, or this is just another act or form of corruption?

9. The Anti-Selfie Bill

anti selfie bill
Image from publicdomainpictures.com

Proponent: Rufus Rodriguez, Representative from the 2nd District of Cagayan De Oro

In this Bill, people will be penalized if they take a photo of another person without his or her permission, including people who might accidentally be in the background of a picture.

Wow, just, wow. So if a person just happens to drop by a group of friends who are taking pictures of themselves and he or she was accidentally included in their picture, he or she can actually sue them? That’s just great. This got us wondering, is Representative Rodriguez a victim of photobombing?

8. Anti Koreanovela Bill

anti koreanovela bill

Proponent: Lito Atienza, Representative from BUHAY Party List

The aim of this Bill is to ban Korean shows from the Philippines, including our favorite primetime Korean dramas.

What is wrong with watching Koreanovelas? Their shows are really good, sometimes even better than our own. Banning Korean shows from the Philippines would limit the TV options of Filipinos. Hey, Rep. Atienza, since you’re probably a fan of banning foreign shows in this country, why not include The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones? More and more people are starting to watch them over KathNiel.

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