10 Most Stupid Laws Proposed by Filipino Politicians

7. Anti-Singit Law

anti singit law
Image from dwiz882am.com

Proponent: Rodel Batocabe and Christopher Co, Representatives of Ako Bicol Party List

In this Bill, people who are guilty of cutting lines (naniningit sa pila) in malls, fast food chains, MRT, etc. will be fined or imprisoned.

Why do we have to deal with such idiotic proposals? Seriously, if you cut lines, you’ll be imprisoned? Can’t those very little misunderstandings be settled verbally? Some people wouldn’t even bother reacting if they see someone cut the line in front of them. There’s no need to propose a law for this. A complete waste of time.

6. The Half Rice Bill

anti half rice bill
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Proponent: Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Senator

In this Bill, restaurant owners will be punished if they are found guilty of not serving half-cup of rice.

So what’s next? Will people be required to eat half cups of rice too? This is plain stupid. If a restaurant doesn’t offer half cups of rice, then people will just deal with an entire serving or head somewhere else. Senator Marcos Jr. didn’t have to waste his time for this. Another small problem that people can easily deal without thinking twice. He’s worried about this while Filipinos don’t really care.

5. Anti-Hammer Bill

anti hammer bill
Image from tl.m.wikimedia.org

Proponent: Mar Roxas, Secretary of DILG

In this Bill, Roxas just suggested that small construction items like hammers should be banned inside malls.

He was so worried about the “Martilyo” gang that he forgot that even if hammers are banned from malls, people can still purchase one in hardware stores. And seriously? Instead of dealing with the problem, which is the delinquents, you’ll deal with hammers? FYI, Mr. Roxas, there are a lot of tools that criminals can use to do their dirty work. You might want to ban them all too. Oh, my goodness.

4. Manny Pacquiao Tax-Exemption Bill

Image from commons.wikimedia.org

Proponent: Magtanggol Gunigundo, Representative from Valenzuela

In the Bill, it was proposed that eight-division world boxing champion and multi-talented Manny Pacquiao should not be paying tax because of his contributions to our country.

Wow, so you’re telling us that since he’s the only accomplished person you know, he’s the only one who should be exempted? What about other award-winning athletes, singers, dancers, actors, actresses, authors, etc. from the Philippines? Mr. Gunigundo, there’s a reason for Google’s existence you know. Besides, why do you want to exempt a generous man from paying tax? Pacquiao is earning billions of dollars and most of his winnings have already been donated to other people. Don’t be selfish Gunigundo, because Pacquiao is not.

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