10 Most Stupid Laws Proposed by Filipino Politicians

3. Anti-Planking Bill

anti planking bill
Image from flickr.com

Proponent: Winnie Castelo, Representative from the 2nd District of Quezon City

In this Bill, people who do the act of planking for political protest purposes will be punished.

It’s Winnie Castelo again. Hey people from QC, aren’t you getting tired of this man’s ‘intellect’?

There are a lot of things that Castelo should be worrying about in Quezon City, and he chose to worry about planking. It was just a one time, big time trend that was bound to die down. He should have just waited for people to get tired of lying down face first in the middle of the road. Now that planking is no longer relevant, what’s going to be the long-term purpose of his proposed bill? NONE!

2. Anti-Comedy Bar Jokes Ordinance

anti comedy bar
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Proponent: Allan Reyes, Councilor from the 3rd District of Quezon City

In the Bill, a proposal to form a regulatory board to observe to make sure that Comedy Bars in Quezon City will be free from extremely insulting jokes against customers.

On first glance, you’d think that this law actually makes sense. However, let us remind you that inside a comedy bar, extremely insulting and indecent jokes are normal. It’s part of the culture of those places. If you don’t want to hear such jokes, then don’t go inside the likes of Klownz or Punchline. After all, places like those aren’t meant for narrow-minded people.

1. Anti-Dildo Bill

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Proponent: Irwin Tieng, Representative of BUHAY Party List

In the Bill, selling and distributing of sex toys should be prohibited in the Philippines.

One of the underrated reasons why pre-marital pregnancy is avoided is because of sex toys. Yes, they don’t contribute much in helping decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies, but little is better than none, right? Besides, what is wrong with using sex toys to please yourself? People will not go to hell just because they used a dildo or a sex doll. People from the BUHAY party list must be living in the Stone Age or something.

Dear Filipinos: Your votes are significant to this country. Use your power wisely. We may not avoid corrupt officials, but at least we can move away from the extremely idiotic ones.

Did you like what you saw on this list? Do you know any politician who proposed a ridiculous bill or ordinance? Let us know in the comments section below! Vote wisely people!