10 Things You Should Know About Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino is probably one of the most criticised, most scrutinized, most judged, most talked-about, and most controversial celebrities in the Philippines. Despite these, she still remains one of the most favored, most loved, and most watched TV personality in the country.

Too much has been written and said about her, but how well do we know Kris Aquino? I bet everyone knows where she came from, the rich political heritage that she has, the powerful friends in her circles, and the controversial relationships she has had in the past. So, why write about Kris? Well, it’s simple. We don’t know her enough.

Kris Aquino
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1. For starters, Kris Aquino’s full birth name is Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino (that’s quite a mouthful). She was born on February 14, 1971.

2. Kris Aquino is one of the most talked about, most viewed TV personality in the country. In the history of Philippine television, along with the Pacquiao fights, the finale of Taiwanese series Meteor Garden and Philippine drama Pangako Sa’Yo, among others, Kris Aquino is one of the highest-rated TV personality.

Kris Aquino first appeared on television on the show See True of Inday Badiday when she was only 14 years old. Rumor has it that the particular episode where Kris appeared rated above 70 (today, the highest TV ratings are around 30s).

When Kris Aquino was asked about this rumor she said, “I think put me, Boy, Butch Francisco, Joey de Leon, Mel Tiangco, Korina, lahat; put all of us together, equals Inday Badiday. She was huge. And at that time, I guess there was this curiosity about who I was.”

Another top-rated Kris Aquino show was her exclusive one-on-one, tell-all interview in 2003 with a good friend and former TV Patrol anchor, Korina Sanchez-Roxas. In this interview with Korina, Kris opened up about her greatest fears in life, a sexually transmitted disease, and the violent ending of her relationship with Joey Marquez. This particular interview rated above 40, an exceptionally high number for a newscast. To this, Kris reacts, “Maybe because talagang…” she pauses lengthily, then says, “I’m unique.”

3. Coincidence or not: Did you know that her two game shows (Pilipinas) Game KNB? and Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal were replaced by father-and-son actors Edu and Luis Manzano respectively as host.

4. Kris Aquino in numbers:

  • 30 — years in the industry
  • 203 — millions of pesos that her movie Sukob made at the box office, making it one of the highest grossing Filipino films of all time.
  • 8 — hours of sleep she gets every day. She is asleep by 10:30 p.m. and is up by 6:30 a.m. But when she is shooting for her movie, she tries to sleep 12 to 14 hours. She doesn’t scrimp on sleep and can sleep anywhere.
  • 5 — liters of water a day Kris drinks. Liters, not glasses.
  • 4 — number of PSGs that escort her daily, one of whom is always a girl.
  • 14 — total number of household staff.

5. Kris Aquino is very generous. What most people probably didn’t know about Kris is that the money Bimby makes from endorsements she matches from her own earnings for older son Josh – that was an advice to her from her mother, Cory Aquino. Kris’ friends also appreciate how generous she is. She once gave best friend Boy Abunda a Hermes bag that cost P800,000.

“What people don’t know is that Boy doesn’t make singil a single centavo from Bimby’s earnings. So the things that I know he really wants but would never buy for himself, when I can get it, I will, because it is a way to express my thanks,” Kris says emphasizing that she does not do this to brag or flaunt, rather to express her appreciation of her friends.

She once gave a common good friend, top stylist Liz Uy, a whole “lifestyle showcase” for Christmas, but Liz explains, “she may give all these material things, but more than that, it always comes with the most heartfelt handwritten note, and that is what means the most.”

Also, 10 percent of all her endorsement talent fees go straight to charity. Kris Aquino is also the Top Taxpayer among the Top Endorsers (Male and Female List combined) in the Philippines’ overall, she has been the 16th Highest Paying Taxpayer in the country.

As to where all this generosity comes from, Kris answers, “I grew up surrounded by generosity, and I guess that’s why I really pay it forward.”

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