7 Filipino Cooking Icons Who Will Inspire You

Filipinos are well-known for delicious delicacies. Cooking during fiestas and celebrations is popular for our kababayans. That is why there are lots of Filipinos who are excellent in cooking. In this article, you will learn more about the top amazing cooking icons in the Philippines.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Filipino cuisines? We all know that Philippine country is the home for the favorite dishes. Even foreigners and tourist could not help not to taste every signature dish of our country.

Here are the top 7 cooking icons in the country that you should learn about:


sylvia reynoso gala
Image from flavorsoflife.com.ph

Reynoso-Gala is one of the pioneers in Philippine cuisine industry. Their family has their own school called Reynoso Cooking School which was established in 1963. She became a teacher of young students who love cooking. Other cooking icons in the Philippines also studied in this school. She decided to study culinary arts in Switzerland and Spain after graduating in High School.

When she moved back to the Philippines, she continued to pursue teaching her student in cooking. Her favorite recipes are the famous Philippine dishes like relyenong manok, kare-kare, pochero, morcon, and mechado. The school that they established as a family was moved in Pasig.


reggie aspiras
Image from lifestyle.inquirer.net

In her interview, she mentioned that she started to love cooking when she was just about 6 years old. To pursue her dream even when she was a child, she took the courses of Sylvia Reynoso-Gala at the age of 10. Instead of spending her time at the beach or pool with her childhood friends, the kitchen became her friend every summer at Nani Labrador Nonesuch Restaurant to learn more about baking.

In the long run, she pursued another course, that is Behavioral Science, but she still loved cooking, and she continued to do so. Although she wanted to take another course, she still decided to take the love of her heart – cooking. She moved to Spain, France to pursue Culinary Arts. When she moved back to the Philippines, she established her own restaurant, started cooking lessons, and explore Philippine cuisine further.


amy besa and romy dorotan
Image from philippinegenerations.org

These husband and wife are living in their passion which is cooking. For the past 20 years, they established and managed their restaurant in New York City at SoHo in Manhattan and Ditmas Park Brooklyn. Their restaurant is called Purple Yam Malate. They established the first branch in the Philippines 4 years ago, July 4, 2014. They are also two of the authors of Memories of Philippine Kitchens.


Chef Jessie
Image from primer.com.ph

This famous cook icon had a different dream before, and that was to become a banker. Her aunt was the one who urged her to become a part of one competition before called Maya Kitchen. Although she was waiting for the financial firm she applied to, she still tried to join in the competition. She didn’t have experience in cooking, but she persevered to won, and thankfully, she won the first prize for baking mango cake.

After she won, she was offered an internship in Hotel InterContinental, and that was the day she started to learn more about herself, and what she really wanted to do in her life. She became successful in her cooking journey and privileged to become a chef for Pope Francis when he visited last 2015.


heny sison
Image from flickr.com

Sison grew in the family with a kitchen background. Her mother had a restaurant before and she loved watching her mother and the cooks or bakers when doing their job. That was the time she started to build her passion for cooking and baking. Her niche is cake decoration. When she grew up, she pursued learning about cake decoration and established her own school after.


myrna segusmundo
Image from youtube.com

Segismundo’s mother was a great cook, so she learned a lot of things from her mother. Her hometown is in Lipa, Batangas. Every fiesta, their family serve people and cook various cuisines. She pursued being a chef, author, and consultant in Culinary Arts. She became a big part of Philippine cuisine industry for she started to travel to different countries to showcase Filipino dishes.


chef boy logro
Image from socialpronline.wordpress.com

He was well-known as Boy Logro. He is the chef celebrity hosting in his cooking shows in Idol sa Kusina and Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master. Everyone loves how he showcased his recipes and his fun way of cooking. His hometown is in Kawayan, Biliran. He pursued his dream of becoming a chef by studying Culinary in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and United Kingdom. Years later, he became the executive chef in Manila Diamond Hotel.

These cooking icons are the living evidence that passion and perseverance are the keys to success. They raised the flag of the Philippines for showcasing the Filipino cuisines around the world.