8 Things You Might Not Know About Angel Locsin

Is she a real Angel? Is she heaven-sent? Oh well, Angel Locsin is definitely one of the hottest actresses in the Philippine show business industry at present. So, in an effort to get to know Angel Locsin, we’ve compiled basic-to-interesting facts about her.

Angel Locsin
Image from: Angel’s Instagram account

1. Angel is a royal princess.

In an article posted by ABS-CBN News, Angel revealed that she is indeed part of a Muslim Royal Family, although her immediate family is of Christian faith.

Her mother was said to be adopted by a Marawi princess.

According to an article, Angel’s grandfather is the Sultan of Baloi in Lanao. She said that her great-grandfather is in Marawi and she still sees her cousins.

According to ABS-CBN, “Angel said her royal lineage is not something that she should be bragging about, noting that her relatives there lead a simple life. And that she’s happy that she is still in touch with her family in Marawi.”

2. She supports the fight of the indigenous peoples against militarization.

Angel Locsin is not our typical girl. In fact, she is a modern-day Darna. When the issue on lumad killings and the militarization on ancestral lands broke out in 2015, Angel vocally called out for the military to pull out of troops from the ancestral lands of the indigenous peoples.

She affirmed, “Yes, I am calling for the military pullout from lumad ancestral lands.”

Angel condemns the atrocities caused by the military and paramilitary groups deployed in the ancestral lands in Mindanao.

Perhaps, this is her moral obligation as a princess from Mindanao.

3. Angel fights for women’s rights

Aside from endorsing the Gabriela Party in the national elections, Angel actively takes part in the activities of the women’s movement.

In 2007, Angel celebrated her 22nd birthday with GABRIELA Foundation. Her guests were women who were victims and survivor of violence here and abroad.

Then Gabriela Representative, Liza Maza, thanked and praised Angel saying that “the women of Gabriela Women’s Party admire Angel’s dedication to her craft as an actress and her enthusiasm for her cause as a woman. She is a role model for young women for she can advance with grace and conviction her profession and cause. We are happy that a young woman of such status, strength and substance supports the cause of oppressed and marginalized women.”

Angel vocally supports and defends women and children’s rights. On her 24th birthday, she awarded scholarship grants to four female survivors of domestic violence.

In addition, she supported the Reproductive Health Bill, saying it isn’t just about contraceptives and birth control: it’s also about education for women and protecting the welfare of children.

After her Emmy nominations, Angel celebrated her 24th birthday at the University of the Philippines Diliman where she and representatives from Gabriela taught self-defense tips. Her birthday celebration was called “Angel for Women: Towards Empowerment through Education.”

4. She is an ambassador of the Philippine Red Cross.

She fights for women, children, and indigenous peoples. No wonder why she has been chosen as an ambassador of the Philippine National Red Cross.

Despite her busy schedule, Angel finds time to create an impact to the Philippine society.

As an ambassador of the Philippine National Red Cross, she is often televised packing relief goods during and after typhoons. And, sometimes she orients new volunteers and endorses fund-raising campaigns.

This makes me want to ask, is she a real-life angel?

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