Top 10 Most Expensive High Schools in the Philippines

7. Xavier School

Xavier School

Located in San Juan, Mandaluyong, this all-boys Filipino-Chinese Jesuit school charged well over Php 110,000 back in 2012 for tuition fees, which did not include graduation fees, books and other miscellaneous charges. Xavier offers an immersion program in China to its students, state of the art facilities, guidance counseling and a newly-integrated International Baccalaureate program for those interested in pursuing a university degree abroad.

6. La Salle Green Hills

la salle greenhills
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2010 statistics showed that LSGH charged Php103,000 per year for a student to enroll in its high school division, non-inclusive of miscellaneous fees and other charges. La Salle Green Hills, an all-boys school located in Mandaluyong, has good drafting facilities and air-conditioned classrooms, automotive and culinary electives, a swimming pool for training and a large gymnasium for students.

5. Reedley International School

Reedley International School

Back in 2010—the most recent year with tuition information—Reedley charged Php 170,000 per year, not including matriculation fees, books or any other fees that would comprise the cost of education there. Reedley offers big and small class learning options, has special classes to encourage learning and development for those with special needs, and is planning to relocate to a much larger facility, which will include vast classrooms and an update gymnasium.

4. Southville International School


This school does not disclose its tuition fees on its official site, but grade school tuition this year is set for Php149,000 for grade school students—and the high school tuition is bound to be much higher. Southville, located in Las Pinas, does not include books in its tuition fees. It has a dance studio, well-equipped computer center and football field and gymnasium, as well as high-tech online facilities that enable off-campus learning.

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