Top 10 Most Expensive High Schools in the Philippines

3. The British School Manila

British School Manila

For the school year 2013-2014, the fees of this school in Bonifacio Global City came up to 5,340 British pounds and Php 362,700 for Grades 10-11 per year, and 5,895 British pounds plus Php 400,140 per year for Grades 12-13. This is non-inclusive of the Php 200,000 entrance fee, the Php 15,000 application fee and its capital development fee. BSM comes with well-equipped laboratories, a performing arts theatre, music halls for both the primary and secondary level as well as play areas.

2. International School Manila

International School Manila

Located in Fort Bonifacio, ISM charges $12,380 and Php 398,600 as the annual fee for those entering Grades 9-10, and $13,840 and Php 445,100 for those entering Grades 11-12—this is non-inclusive of its $3,500 Matriculation Fee, a Facility Enhancement Fee, ESL fees and an Application Fee. ISM has a well-designed media center, transportation system, in-house concessionaires that offer vegetarian options, and courses in design technology and wellness.

1. Brent International School

Brent International School

Brent charges $8,764 and Php 402,632 as its annual payment for students in its Upper School (Grades 9-12), which does not include its non-refundable Capital Development Fee of $1,575, Matriculation Fee of $3,000 and fees for reserving slots, planning to sit for the International Baccalaureate exams and an option for ESL (English As A Second Language) students. This Laguna school is known for its excellent facilities—a state-of-the-art library and computer center, tennis courts, full-sized baseball diamond, heated swimming pool, fitness center and healthy cafeteria selections which include yogurts and a salad bar. Students use their ID for purchases and to keep track of the use of school facilities such as book checkouts.