Top 10 Pizza Parlors in the Philippines

6. Sbarro

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Have you ever heard of Stromboli? If not, you have to go to Sbarro to find out. Aside from their regular pizza dishes, they have Stromboli, which is a hand stretched dough baked with flavors and toppings like pepperoni, melty mozz, or spinach for health conscious ones and their Meat Medley mixed with sausage, peperoni and bacon. Their freshly baked dough is what makes this pizza parlor a must-try.

7. California Pizza Kitchen

Californai Pizza Kitchen
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It may not be famous among other Filipinos but for pizza-lovers, not tasting a slice of California Pizza Kitchen’s pizza would not complete their pizza experience. What’s so special about their dish? They advertise their hand-tossed Artisan pizza with fresh seasonally inspired ingredients and not only that their pizzas are perfect with hand shaken cocktails wines or craft beers. Their latest beverage is their hand crafted Mojitos and Margaritas. And if your looking for something sweet their salted caramel pudding would surely satisfy your sweet tooth, with its house made whipped cream, caramel sauce, black cocoa, cookie crumbs and rich caramel pudding ingredients.

8. Brooklyn Pizza

brooklyn pizza
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Remember how pizzas were originally made? Before ovens and stoves came into existence there were brick ovens. Brooklyn pizzas are baked in a brick oven in real wood where you get the aesthetic taste that can only come with brick ovens. Experience their white, deluxe and chicken pizza or maybe have a taste of their Brooklyn, Greek or Primavera ones for a taste of New York in every bite.

9. 3M Pizza

3M Pizza
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You may have this idea that pizza are actually from the white lands that no Filipino could ever make it as good as them. Well, get ready for 3M pizza. This pizza is actually more on the Filipino style. Its beefy meat sauce, 3M Supreme and Pinoy Combo would surely make you feel at home. It has been 43 years since they started making Filipino style pizza and after every pizza parlor had made its stand among the market, 3M Pizza still own the place.

10. Don Henrico’s

Don Henricos
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If you ever heard someone talking about an Italian restaurant that suits the taste of Filipinos there’s only one thing they are talking about and that is Don Henrico’s. This Italian restaurant started in Baguio in 1993 and Don Hen, as popularly known, already have the talent and the passion in mixing sauces, so, opening up an Italian restaurant was his only way to go. One of their unique pizza recipes is the Seafood Romano pizza that is topped with marinated shrimp and squid spread. A perfect combo for seafood lovers.

So, now that you have read a glimpse of the most popular pizza parlors out there, what are you waiting for? Try these ten and complete your pizza experience here in the Philippines.