Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Bamboo


Here are the Top 10 facts about Bamboo.

10. Francisco Gaudencio Lupe Belardo Mañalac aka BAMBOO, is a very private person

He will dry up if a question is thrown about his personal life unless it is somehow related to his music and style. But as much as possible he wants to keep his life private. In an interview, he says that “I try my best to keep my privacy. I’ve always defined that line, which is very important for me since Day One. I know what to include and what to say. Work is work and family is family.”

9. Being a musician is not his priority

In the midst of the issue of Bamboo leaving Rivermaya, the manager Lizza Nakpil clarifies things about the decision made by Bamboo that being a musician isn’t really his priority. She pointed out that it’s not the band who insisted Bamboo to leave but he himself. This statement weighed more when she said in an interview that music has never been as important to Bamboo as it is to his other band mates. This is why leaving the band is easy for him.

8. Is a very family oriented person

When he thought that it’s time to walk away and move on he left the band and decided to stay in the United States where he grew up. His manager said “His dad is getting old, his sister is growing up without his spending time with her, his lola and lolo are there – in short he misses them.”

“I love my music, it’s my job, it’s what I do. But then, I don’t want to sacrifice my family, my friends, my home.” Bamboo said in an interview.

 7. Is shockingly ordinary

 It so happens that Rivermaya became a hit band during his time. But when he left the band and lived in States again, he had odd jobs from selling shoes to being a bus boy. Far away from the glitz and glamour of the life of a Rock Star. “I wanted to better myself as a person first, and as a musician second,” said Bamboo.

Bamboo is an endorser of Penshoppe and Jag, which means he has no shortage in clothes. But like anybody else there are still clothes that he considers keeping, even if he’d had them for years. “I’ve been wearing my favorites for the past years,” the singer-songwriter-voice coach says. “I have these Michael Jordan shirts. I have five other shirts I still wear and a plain black shirt I wear once a month.”

6. Despite the rumors, isn’t a brother of Dawn Zulueta

There was a persistent rumor on twitter that Bamboo and Ms. Dawn Zulueta are siblings. This issue was denied by Ms. Dawn Zulueta. In her tweet, she pointed out that she and Bamboo are not related at all though; she had a high respect on him. She also asked Bamboo to release his own statement about the issue.

For the record, Bamboo has a sister in entertainment world. She is Lia Mañalac-Del Castillo-a GMA- Network reporter.

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