Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Bamboo

5. Is married

 He is married to his wife Cecil Mañalac. He has 2 kids, Isabelle and Lucius Mañalac.

4. Is well-educated

Film Director Chito Roño influenced Bamboo a lot. Music is not the only thing that Bamboo dreams to do but also filming. When he left his singing career for a while, he focused on his studies. “I went back to school, in San Francisco and L.A., and I took up English, Philosophy and Film which was my major.” He said.

3. Practices clean living

Some rock stars do drugs to maintain certain style and image but not Bamboo. His style is the actual opposite of metal accessories, dark colors and tattoos. He is more of a clean living type of a person. Some people thought that he smokes, does drugs, and drinks. But all of this is just not him.

He only drinks pepsi and colt 45.

He wants to influence the youth to do stuff with a clear head.

2. Is into Sports

He has a slim and fit body even if he has a hectic schedule. No, going to gym is not his secret but proper diet and sports. He plays football and soccer to be precise.

1. The moniker “Bamboo” came from his mom

Bamboo bends lower and lower as it grows. The idea of naming him after the bamboo plant was all from her mom.  “Maybe because she knew that the bamboo’s flexibility is actually its strength.” He said.

Truly, Bamboo is a maestro not just in music but also in life. He teaches us to value our family, interest and health. He may be misinterpreted because of his chosen career but it turn out to be greatest cornerstone of who and what Bamboo is right now – a  well-known singer, song writer and also a role model to youth of this generation. Indeed, choosing Bamboo to coach the future little singers of the country is not a mistake but an upright decision.