Top 20 Hangouts to Try Along Maginhawa Street, QC

In the Philippines, you can find various delicacies and cuisines. In Quezon City, there is Maginhawa Street where you can find lots of restaurants. This has easily become popular because there are a variety of choices. It became the tambayan of lots of students because it is only minutes away from Universities. One of the reasons why there are various students who find their way in Maginhawa Street’s restaurants is because of the affordable price they offer.

Quezon City’s Diamond Jubilee had its 75th Foundation Day held on October 12. People have happily joined the festival because Maginhawa Street was the host of the festival and they served great foods to be given to people. On the other hand, some streets held their festival named La Loma Lechon festival. People were astonished by the great experience they had with Maginhawa Street.

Here are some of the restaurants that you can try to visit once you go to this place:

1. Casa Quesadilla

The place’s ambiance is great to chat with your friends. The foods are more of Mexican style. Their popular dish is called Mexican Beef Quesadilla. For just P110, you can have your delish dish right in front of your eyes. You will not just have a taste of quesadilla, but you will also taste their delicious nachos in affordable price. Surely, you will have the perfect combination and taste of beef and cheese complementing each other. You can also choose from their sauces base on your taste.

2. Ate Fe’s Kitchen

Are you looking for a delicious and affordable home cooked meals? One of their best sellers is the lechon broccoli with rice. The price is just 60 pesos and it will surely fill your tummy. They also have Lechsilog which is the lechon kawali or pork with sinangag and egg. Just like Lechon Brocolli with rice, the price is worth 60 pesos.

3. Breakfast Bin

If you are rushing every morning for breakfast preparation, you can choose Breakfast Bin for a fast serving of your meal. Well, this food chain is not only for breakfast, you can eat here from breakfast to dinner. One of their best sellers is the Beef Tapa which is worth 130 pesos. If you would like to try their black, brown, or talangka or crablet rice, just give addition 35 pesos. They also have the menu of bacon, longganisa, egg, and breakfast potato. You can choose from a variety of options from their menu.

4. Crepeman

If you’ve been craving for crepe dessert for a long time now, Crepeman is the best place for you. Well, this is not just the typical crepe you can find anywhere. They have a variety of crepes. These are the savory crepes you can only discover in this food chain. One of the best choices of crepe is the Ham Taro which is a combination of lettuce, corn, and mayo. The price is affordable. It is only worth 95 pesos. Just prepare 100 pesos for your delicious crepe experience.

5. IScreamist

This would be a new dessert experience. Ice cream served here is not the typical ice cream you could find everywhere. The foods are frozen but added with liquid nitrogen. Their best sellers are the toasted marshmallows which are 150 pesos, and the S’mores which are 65 pesos. Your craving will be surely satisfied. With an affordable price, your sweet tooth would “thank you”.

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