Top 20 Hangouts to Try Along Maginhawa Street, QC

11. II Pittore Café

This café serves Italian foods and recipes. As you visit the place, you can see that it has the inspiration of Communal Art. They do not serve just Italian foods, but they also have brewed artisanal coffee. II Pittore Café is located at Unit D 63 Maginhawa St. UP Village, Quezon City. You can contact (02) 955-8223.

12. Black 88

Are you feeling stressed and worn out because of your work? Black 88 has all the comfort foods you need. These foods include pizza, burgers, pasta, and many more. The special dishes they offer are mainly black. Their black dishes are black S’mores, burger, pizzas, and others. This food house is located at 136 V. Luna Ext. Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City. You can contact 0917-836-0087 for inquiry and reservation.

13. Happon Ramen House

If you love Ramen, you must visit this Ramen House, and you will surely not regret it. Aside from the delicious taste, it is the real authentic Ramen that you’ve been looking for. For only P200, your tummy will thank you eventually. Instead of using its typical soup base, they use Chicken Paitan. According to them, it is much healthier than the other. Visit 143 Maginhawa St. Diliman. Sadly, they are not accepting any reservation at the moment. Though, if you have some inquiries, you may call or text their contact number 0922-803-7460.

14. One Matcha

It’s now time for your new favorite flavor, Matcha. Matcha isn’t only served with tea, but they also have pastries such as cookies, cheesecakes, and crinkles. You can find it at the food stall in Maginhawa Street. The founder of this food stall decided to open his business for he loves the Matcha flavor very well. With few discoveries and experiments, he found out that there are syrups that would match well with the flavor. The good thing about this recipe is that it is much healthier than the regular tea you can buy anywhere. The products are imported from Japan, so the flavor is delicious and genuine. One Matcha’s signature orders are the matcha bites paired with the matcha fusions drinks. You should try it yourself!

15. Topdawgs

Who loves to eat hotdogs with a twist? At the Station park in Maginhawa Street, you could find this food stall. They are serving not the typical hotdog, but it is the hotdog with black hotdog buns. If you are the adventurous type and loves to try different kinds of food, then this would be a great try. Their hotdog has lots of gourmet toppings, so you will not surely regret it. If you are still wondering where you could find this food, the exact address is The Station Food Park, 178 Maginhawa, Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City.

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