Top 20 Hangouts to Try Along Maginhawa Street, QC

16. The Big Appetite Sports Bar

If you are craving for Western food styles, then this restaurant is the best place to visit in Maginhawa Street. They are serving comfort foods such as pizza, burger, beer, ribs, buffalo wings, and other more. The reason why it is called as Big Appetite because the servings are mostly for people who eat a big serving. They are not accepting any reservation, but you can visit them at #80 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. You can call 0917 – 858 – 4240 for more inquiries.

17. Artesania MNL Café

Do you love the arts and coffees? Artesania MNL Café would serve it all to you. If you love photography, this place is the best images for your Instagram page. The place has great ambiance, and they are showcasing the best arts of different artists. Aside from that, they are hosting and some art workshops and craft classes for those who want to learn about it. You can see the art on how they present their foods on your plate. They have dishes such as French Fries Palette and the Galaxy Latte where you can clearly see that they are artistically inclined. You can find this café on the second floor of 140 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City. You may contact them in (02) 891-8958.

18. Laruan Café

This café is located on the Ground Floor of Luisa Building 2, 107 Maginhawa St, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. They are offering coffees and light meals and has a library of popular games. While waiting for your foods to be served and after finishing your meal, you are free to play with your family and friends. According to reviews, this café has great service that makes people come back for more. Some of the recommended dishes for you are the Beefy Cheesy Pita Chips, Cheesy Sausage, Milk + Wookies, and Cajun Chicken & Bacon. If you want to have some idea about these dishes, Beefy Cheesy Pita Chips is yummy pita chips with some beef, cheese sauce, and salsa toppings. Cajun Chicken and Bacon is a rice meal served with pan grilled chicken with bacon, bell pepper, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. If you want to learn more about their menu, you may go visit their branch in Maginhawa Street.

19. The Nook Café

Café is getting more and more popular nowadays especially among younger people. You can usually find it on Instagram and post their “Instragrammable” posts. It is located at the 164-A Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. They are open every Tuesday to Sunday from 1 PM to 10 PM. You can call 0915 534-2320 for more information and reservations. If you are wondering what good dish you could try, you can try their signature dishes which are Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee, Butterbeer, Club Sandwich, Longganisa Bolognese, and Sour N Cream Chicken Wings. This café is inspired with Harry Potter theme. This little corner is proved to be the people’s favorite. Their dishes are affordable, and you must try it out!

20. Grape Escape PH

This restaurant is located at the 99 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. The reason why it is called Grape is that of the dishes paired with wine. Aside from the wines they serve, their menus and recipes are Italian-inspired. So, if you love Italian foods and wine, trying this out might be a good experience for you. Four of the recommended dishes in Grape Escape are Pork Chop, Blueberry Tiramisu, Polpette, and Salpicao. You may also choose from their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts menu, whatever your choices are would be a great pick!

If you are tired of your stressful load of works, you need to have a break. Call your friends or family, then dine together. Bring them in Maginhawa Street where you could find lots of food choices. Whatever your preference, you can find it there. Are you looking for some affordable foods if you don’t have enough time to cook for your lunch meal? There would be no problem. In Maginhawa Street, there are affordable and delicious foods you could not resist.